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Why Mojumdar and Company is chosen

As an insurance agent, Mojumdar caters to clients of all sizes, understands potential risks to their clients, and serves them in the best possible conditions for their individual needs.

As part of our service, we will help you to carry out smooth processing from insurance claim procedures to insurance payments such as negotiations with insurance companies.
We also cooperate with many insurance companies so that we can provide as wide a range of collateral as possible with reasonable insurance premiums.

Since its establishment in Japan in 1955, we have provided services that realize optimal risk management in order to prioritize the interests of customers in the market and turn risks into new growth opportunities.

Property risk
Fire insurance (earthquake insurance), profit insurance, transportation insurance, maritime insurance, comprehensive animal life insurance, assembly insurance, machine insurance, construction work insurance, theft insurance, personal comprehensive insurance in English, etc.
Human risk
Comprehensive occupational accident insurance, accident insurance, overseas-domestic travel accident insurance, income compensation insurance, life insurance, etc.
Other risks
Aviation insurance, guarantee insurance, defect warranty insurance, cyber risk insurance, etc.